Terracottem_triar_un TerraCottem Internacional SL (Spain): developer and distributor of the TerraCottem soil conditioning technology, a proprietary mixture of polymers, fertilizers, growth precursors and carrier material that is unique for its synergetic effect; this technique stimulates plant growth, increases the capability of soils and growing media to retain and provide water and nutrients to the plants and reduces the amount of water necessary to create high-quality plants and turf. During the project this SME will develop a new formulation of this technology, with a new high-performance polymer.
DTC2 D.T.C. (Belgium): expert in the fabrication of specialized plastic and bio-plastic products by mould injection; during Sustaffor this SME will develop a prototype of 100% biodegradable mulching disk based on a biopolymer formulation.
 La_Zeloise_logo  La Zeloise NV (Belgium): company working on natural fibre products, especially recycled jute, treated with innovative finishing techniques for enhanced properties. During the project, La Zeloise NV will develop a 100% biodegradable mulch made with woven jute cloth treated with furan bio-based resin.
 EcoRub EcoRub bvba (Belgium): SME producing agro-forestry auxiliary products based on recycled rubber, coming from worn-out tyres and conveyor belts. This company will develop a long-lasting mulching mat, reusable in successive tree plantation projects.
 Terrezu Terrezu SL (Spain): this company has a vast experience on the implementation of innovative and sustainable solutions for landscaping and forest restoration in Southern Europe. During Sustaffor this company will coordinate SMEs activities and will advice on the potential of the novel techniques in Mediterranean and mountain conditions.
 Ceres Ceres International Sp. z.o.o. (Poland): an SME commercializing innovative products for horticultural, forest and nursery sectors in central and Eastern Europe. This company will advise on technical requirements and commercialization potential of the novel techniques in central and Eastern European markets.


The four RTDs are the Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia (CTFC, Spain), project coordinator and director of scientific and technical activities; Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS, France), which will study the biochemical changes in soil organic matter in the field trials; Belgian Textile Research Centre (Centexbel, Belgium), which will study the resistance and degradability of the novel techniques and EDMA Innova (Spain), which will participate on the environmental monitoring of field trials.

Participants at the 3rd coordination meeting in Solsona - August 2014

Participants at the 3rd coordination meeting in Solsona – August 2014