Groundcovers are mulching surfaces aiming at impeding weed establishment in the area of soil occupied by the tree roots, thus reducing the need for weeding and also soil water evaporation. During the project, four different models of mulch are developed:

  • A 100% biodegradable framed bioplastic groundcover based on a new biopolymer formulation, fused to a flexible bioplastic sheet; developed by DTC.


  • A 100% biodegradable semi-rigid bioplastic groundcover, based on a new biopolymer formulation, developed by DTC.


  • A 100% biodegradable groundcover made with woven jute cloth treated with furan bio-based resin for increased durability, developed by La Zeloise NV.


  • A long-lasting mulching groundcover based on recycled rubber (worn-out tyres, conveyor belts), reusable in successive tree plantation projects, developed by EcoRub bvba.


All these techniques are produced in Europe and made with materials mainly coming from waste.